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We provide stunning finishes with our respraying service at Merlin Repairs. Using high-quality spray finish, we can respray a wide range of different surfaces. A respray is an excellent method of injecting new life into internal and external items that may have fallen victim to general wear and tear. With highly trained and experienced team members using the best equipment and surface spray, we carry out our resprays using multiple applications of paint using primer and top coat. Get in touch today to are available for all your respraying needs today!

The respraying services we offer

At Merlin Repairs, we offer surface respraying for the following items:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Internal and external doors
  • Garage doors
  • Conservatory spraying
  • Window and door frames
  • Curtainwall respraying
  • Cladding respraying
  • Roller shutter doors

However, there aren’t many things we can’t do at Merlin Repairs. If you would like to know how we could help with your respraying needs, get in touch with us - we are always happy to listen to any questions you might have.

If you have large areas of surface damage, we can also provide a damage repair service using filler and panel beating to re-profile the area.

Why respray?

Replacing doors, kitchen tops and any other surfaces that could be resprayed can be a costly task after taking into consideration the fees for materials and installation. With a surface respray conducted by Merlin Repairs, we can save you time and money by providing you with a high-quality spray finish to match or improve your colour scheme. It is down to the standard of the product we use that gives our customers a durable coat.

Spraying vs painting

There are many benefits to using a spray gun over latex-based paints. Due to the oil-based nature of the product, spraying offers greater efficiency and professional-looking results and a durable, long-lasting coat. Other advantages to the spraying process that we utilise include:

  • Much faster than paint brushing
  • A better finish without brush strokes
  • Spray paint can be used on almost any surface
  • It is easier to cover hard to reach nooks and crannies with spray paint
  • Offers a high-gloss finish
  • It takes less time for spray paint to dry than latex-based paints

What can we respray?

There are many surfaces that we can provide high-quality resprays. If you want to know if we can help you, it is always better to get in touch!

Here are a few examples of surfaces we can respray:

Kitchen Cabinet respraying

If your kitchen cabinets are starting to look old and worn from many years of use or general damage or staining from food and drink, Merlin Repairs are always available to respray your kitchen cabinet surfaces to give them a new lease of life. We start the cabinet respray process by preparing the surfaces for receiving the paint, which requires thorough washing and sanding. We then protect the surrounding surfaces, and appliances are protected by masking the areas. Then we proceed to paint the surfaces. We can source high-quality surface sprays in various colours to match your current colour scheme or create an entirely new colour scheme!

Door respraying

Sometimes, door resprays require the door to be removed to avoid paint splatter on other surfaces. It is important to prepare doors correctly for resprays. Sometimes, doors collect mould and can be prone to wear and tear. If a door is resprayed without being adequately prepared, this can result in the finish not lasting as long as it should. In some situations, we can use a primer to remove the appearance of small scratches and holes. When we have completed the spray, we can then replace the door with the frame.

The doors that we can respray include:

  • Internal doors
  • Conservatory doors
  • External doors

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Garage door respraying

Garage doors are especially prone to wear and tear from the elements. We have many years of experience completing high-quality garage door surface spraying. The process with garage doors is similar to that of internal and external doors. Our first task is to ensure that there are no objects that could be damaged in the process. After the surface spray has been applied, it will take 20 – 30 minutes for the paint to dry. Once the paint has dried, we conduct a thorough quality control check to ensure that the respray has been completed to a high standard.

Conservatory Spraying

As is the case with garage doors, conservatories are very prone to damage from the elements. Conservatories are also expensive to install, so it is certainly not wise to replace a conservatory.

We provide an efficient and quick fix when it comes to respraying your conservatory, and we make sure not to disrupt the rest of your home.

Commercial uPVC

We have extensive experience providing high-quality coating in commercial settings and landlords in the UK. We can carry out this work for various establishments, including schools, colleges, local authorities, retail, and industrial sites.

Due to the fact that our oil-based spray can offer a long-lasting finish, a respray is the perfect solution for commercial property that may require a rejuvenation.

Surfaces that we can respray in commercial settings include:

  • Shopfronts
  • Walls
  • Cladding
  • Roller shutters
  • Car showrooms
  • Interior and exterior decorating
  • Ceilings

Furniture Respray

It has become increasingly popular over recent years to upcycle furniture instead of spending large sums of money replacing old furniture. We provide a bespoke furniture spraying and respraying service to restore your old, worn furniture to its former beauty. Furniture that we can respray at Merlin Repairs includes:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Wardrobes
  • Drawers
  • Side tables
  • Desks
  • Bed frames

Before & After of our Respraying projects

Here are some before and after of our recent respraying projects:


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