Questions we have been asked

1Are you nationwide ?

Absolutely – our team of technicians is available to the UK and beyond. Besides the British Isles and Ireland – we have undertaken projects as far as Canada and the guys love the opportunity to travel.

2Can you repair any hard surface ?

You would be hard pushed to find a surface we can’t repair.

3How do your processes effect the integrity of the material ?

It will have no impact on the integrity of the product and in some cases can actually make them more durable.

4Are the repairs visible ?

In the vast majority of cases, you’re not going to be able to tell a repair has even been completed. However, in certain situations there may be a slight risk of this happening. If this is the case, the technicians will alert you to any such risk before they begin the repair.

5Is it cheaper than replacing ?

From Glass to worktops, Our aim is to provide a better alternative to replacement– which can be a time-consuming, frustrating and difficult task. That’s why, most of the time, our services are cheaper than replacing. If it is going to be cheaper to replace the item – we will let you know.

6Do you have to take the item in question away ?

All repairs can be carried out whilst installed but sometimes clients prefer for us to undertake the repairs in our warehouse.

7Is it messy ?

With the nature of what we do it can generate a little bit of mess but we will always ensure we leave work areas as we found them.

8Have you received my email/photos?

It is unusual for our Enquiries team not to respond within 24 hours. If you have not heard from us after that time, your email attachments may be larger than our mailbox file.

You could try resending your photos as individual emails to Please include your name and post code with each email.