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At Merlin Repairs, we specialise in the repair and resurfacing damaged manufactured interior and exterior surfaces. Our glass repairing service offers cutting edge technical solutions to replacement alternatives. We aim to save our customers the money they would spend on replacing damaged glass.


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What Is Glass Repairing?

The windows in your home or commercial business are an essential structural and visual element. They’re very susceptible to damage due to harsh weather and can even be part of criminal damage such as graffiti. When the time comes for glass replacement, you may want to consider glass repairs instead.

Glass repairing is the process of transforming and restoring glass windows from severe glass window chips, gauges, etching, splatter, and pollution damage removal to light scratches, chemical and dust cleaning damage.

The Glass repair services we offer.

At Merlin Repair Specialists, we can repair any of the below for glass:

  • Window curtain walling
  • Window structural glazing
  • Facades
  • Doors
  • Entrances
  • Roof-lights
  • Balustrades
  • Conservatories
  • Shopfronts
  • Commercial frontages
  • Stairwells
  • Bus, train and boat windows
  • Shower screens

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Glass Repair vs Glass Replacement

Glass can be expensive to replace, which is why repairing is the first option for many. There is also the cost of installation for the replacement glass to be factored in, which could be increased if specialist equipment is needed to be brought in.

Time is a factor that needs to be taken into consideration. There can be a long lead time with getting glass replaced as it is often bespoke, so the piece of glass will need to be made and then installed, which can take several weeks. Glass repair, on the other hand, doesn’t have a time frame. There is no need to order a bespoke piece of glass and wait for the installation as a technician from our team can be on-site to undertake the repair.

In terms of the environmental aspect, manufacturing new glass is very energy-intensive. It can be detrimental to the environment, whilst repairing services do not use a lot of energy, and only a small number of consumables are needed for a large area of glass.

There are many ‘quick fix kits’ sold by large retail stores in the UK, which make use of adhesives and epoxies to bond glass back together. However, there are many situations where kits similar to these are simply not strong enough. If you have large scale cracks or glass breakages, you will require help from a professional glazier service which we can provide at Merlin Repairs.

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Where we can help

Scratched glass

Glass is very prone to scratching and can leave a window or door looking worn and unwelcoming. The first step to repairing glass scratches is to clear the damaged class of any dirt and debris. Once the area is clean, we apply a specialist polish which removes the scratches from the glass.

Chipped glass

If the glass is chipped, the edges can become sharp and dangerous. If this is the case, it is always beneficial to call Merlin Repairs to repair chipped glass for you. To repair chipped glass, we begin by clearing the area. Next, we will apply a specialist solution to the chip, which is smoothed over the affected area. Any excess is removed, and the glass with the solution is left to set and dry.

Graffiti covered glass

There are many commercial properties in the UK that are damaged due to antisocial behaviour, including graffiti. Graffiti can be incredibly off-putting for potential customers or clients, so it is important to remove this from windows and doors. To remove graffiti from windows, we first grind the glass to take off the acid paint. The grinding will leave scratches, which means we will then need to polish the glass the same way we treat scratched glass.

There are many situations where Merlin Repairs can help when it comes to damaged glass. To find out how we can help, it is always best to get in touch. Here are some other problems we can solve:

  • Glass scruffs
  • Glass pollution
  • Construction site weld splatter
  • Grinder splatter
  • Chemical cleaning damage or etching

Window film installation

There are many reasons why you might choose to have film applied to your windows; this could include to reduce heat from sunlight, prevent glare, provide added safety, privacy and for decorative purposes. We can provide professional window film installation at Merlin repairs. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project!


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Pros vs Cons of Glass Repairing


Save money – You can save more money by opting to repair the glass over replacing it.

Saving time – Replacement glass can take weeks to be produced and delivered. Repairing means it can be fixed a lot sooner.

Saving resources – Repairing glass means less glass needs to be produced, therefore reducing carbon emissions released into the environment.


As easy as it can be to repair glass over replacement, not all glass is repairable. Depending on the damage, it may be more beneficial to replace it.

Before & After of Glass Repairs

Here are some before and after glass repairs processes that our team at Merlin Repairs have performed.

We repair and restore all glass window damage from severe glass window chips, gauges, etching, splatter, graffiti and pollution damage removal to light glass window scratches, chemical and dust cleaning damage removal. We also remove, provide and install protective filming for large glass panes and panes for security sensitive buildings.

We can repair and polish out glass chip. scratch, etching, graffiti and pollution damage to Glass Window Curtain walling, Glass Window Structural glazing, Glass Facades, Glass Doors, Glass Entrances, Glass Roof-lights, Glass Balustrades, Glass Conservatories, Glass Shop Fronts, Glass commercial Frontages, Glass Stairwells, Bus, Train and boat windows and Glass Shower screens.

We can install film to window panes or any man manufactured surfaces to prevent spalls and anti graffiti protection systems to prevent intentional damage being caused to the glass or surface.

We repair and can restore virtually all types of glass damage including: chips, gauges, etching, splatter, graffiti and pollution repairs and restoration to Rolled Glass, Float Glass ,Toughened Glass, Laminated Glass, Insulated Glass, Evacuated Glass, Cast Glass and wired Glass.

We offer our glass repairs and glass polishing services across all sectors including: Hotels, leisure, Managed Services, Retail, Construction, Insurance and Travel. Whether it’s a Glass Scratch, Glass Scuff, Glass Chip, Glass Pollution or Graffiti or if it’s Construction Site Weld Splatter, Grinder splatter, Chemical cleaning damage or etching. We can repair and restore the Glass to its factory finish.

We undertake Major and small Scale Scratched Glass repair and Filming projects across all industry sectors.

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