Cosmetic Repairs
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Brick and Tile Repairs

Our cosmetic treatments to both natural and reconstructed stone are established industry solutions. With the use of polymers, resins and dyes it is possible to restore any natural or reconstructed stone damage to its original profile and cosmetically reproduce a colour match to its original finish.

Our services include repairs and cosmetic treatments to stone Hearths, Fire surrounds, Floor and wall tiles, Stone worktops, vanity units, Frontages and stairwells where we can address a variety of damage including, Scratches chips, cracks, screw hole, natural deterioration, staining and pollution damage.

Specialists in Cosmetic Brick Treatment we can undertake projects on a small or major scale including acid washing, the removal of efflorescence, Paint Removal, Graffiti removal and brick tinting. Some of our services are detailed below.

Broken and chipped brick, repaired to an invisible finish.

Brick tinting, providing a clean, uniform look to you home, removing unsightly brickwork.

Wall and floor tile repairs, repairing and restoring chipped and cracked tiles, with out the need for replacement.

Stone Fireplace restoration, repairing and restoring your natural stone fireplaces and mantels, bring then back to their former glory.

For more examples of our stone, masonry and tile repairs please visit our sone and tile repairs gallery or call on 0845 054 3701.

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